Biomedical Engineering Consultants, LLC (BEC) offer breadth of expertise based on over 30 years of experience in the biomedical engineering field. Our in-depth knowledge of the life-cycle of healthcare technology delivers proven outcomes for safe and effective implementation, examination and improvement of technology management programs.

Forensic Engineering
BEC has experience successfully conducting dozens of incident investigations. Our professional engineers have  substantial experience and recognition in forensic engineering practice to identify the reasons and sequence of events leading to the failure.

Litigation Support
BEC has proven solid capability to deliver results that are within the prescribed scope of work and timeline. This includes clear communications and sound engineering reports, depositions, and testimonies.  Our clients include both defendants and plaintiffs over large variety of medical products and accessories.

Technology Life Cycle
Optimal management of healthcare technology over its life-cycle requires expertise and specific application of many stages that include: product design, prototype testing, preclinical development, clinical testing, regulatory filing, market launching, hospital evaluation, user training, installation, technical support, maintenance, repairs, upgrades, regulatory compliance, post market review, retirement and replacement, after market and off-label use.

Product Development
Translation of an idea into a safe product can take many turns. BEC’s strong vision, engineering experience, user expectations and regulatory requirements ensure that progression from initial concept to approved product is as planned, with high quality output and within financial projection.