Litigation Support

Members of Biomedical Engineering Consultants, LLC, (BEC) have worked with hospital attorneys and other law firms for the past thirty (30) years. BEC have worked with representatives of the plaintiffs as well as the defendants. BEC provides consultation and helps educate attorneys on healthcare technology-related matters. The depth of experience BEC delivers to its customers has been recognized throughout the world. This includes the understanding of the complex regulatory requirements, labeling compliance, device ownership role and maintenance processes, interoperability and networking and specifically device’s risk monitoring program.

BEC is able to investigate each of the product life stages starting with design considerations and manufacturing quality control, and continuing with post market complaints management and the fulfillment of the owner’s responsibilities. Our support service provided explanation of the causes in powerful and clear exhibits to both judge and jury.

BEC experience is extremely useful in intellectual property litigations’ strategy, where product evolution and the strength of a competitor’s patent can determine the validity of the claims of a patent. A “novelty search” one that helps determine the state of patent claims’ novelty has been successfully performed by BEC and produced evidence that muted the alleged infringement that was claimed. The knowledge state of prior art by “person skilled in the art” is additional critical information that BEC and its associates are able to deliver for cases involved with medical products.